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Australian made first choice organic cotton mattresses, futons, bedding and bedlinen for you and your family.


Welcome to the Organature world of healthy products.

Although we have this shop on-line option we do still like to have personal contact with our customers to explain our products and to ‘consult and educate’ regarding a changeover to organics in the home environment.                                                                                                                                                                                   ---------------------------------------------------------------

Organature   --- the first business in Australia to supply a totally organic cotton bedroom.

Australian made and Family owned.

From inception 7 years ago our aim was to educate and to assist with understanding the health benefits of “Certified” Organic Cotton mattresses, bedding, bedlinen and garments including Australian hardwood bedbases, cots, sofa’s and bedside tables.

Certified Organic bedding and textiles are not always correctly understood. There are many misleading, statements made and claims that products are natural and organic when they are clearly not so and certainly not “Certified” organic.

Certified organic means that you are purchasing products which do not contain harmful chemicals; the raw products and further processing is without harmful chemicals. It also means that independent companies make regular inspections; from farmer to production.  These independent companies issue certificates which are passed on to end user thus assurance of certification for a product without the harmful chemicals in conventional textiles.

We pride ourselves that with our many years’ experience of manufacturing bedding and bed linen in the conventional market and the MCS injury sustained by ‘Peter’, (see article on our website), caused by outgassing of the chemicals in the non-organic products, plus the many years of experience with Certified Organic bedding and linen, many people come to us for not only our products but also with questions, seeking advice.

Therefore, do not hesitate to ask questions either email or phone.   By phone is usually easier and better as that way we can be more informative.  So often answers to questions lead to more questions.

Some information about us:


  Organature is the only firm in Australia making all bedlinen and some bedding accessories in own sewing rooms.    Some other bedding products require specialised machinery and are made under contract from materials supplied by us with regular inspection by one of our staff members. We have control over the manufacturing, packaging and storage process. We import our fabrics and filling direct from certified mills.


 In addition to the many mature trees already around our home working property we have planted over 200 more trees and shrubs and installed solar panels. 

Only tank water is used.                                                                                     

We strongly believe that we are now manufacturing our bedlinen and bedding carbon neutral and in addition provide some offset for water used in the manufacturing of our fabrics. 


Organature linen products are packed in biodegradable cellulose film.

 Certified Organic cotton fabric bags are used to pack quilts, pillows, innerspring mattresses and futons.     Final packaging for freight/post is biodegradable cardboard cartons. The only time we use plastic is as a necessity to protect mattresses and rolls fabric for transport.

Reducing carbon footprints:

We sell ‘direct to the consumer’ which also reduces transport carbon footprints.


Selling directly, clean manufacturing, proper packaging and sending directly to you means that the products are not contaminated by possible third party outside sources.

Our products ARE made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton; totally biodegradable, safe for the environment.

Our fabrics and the filling are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) sustainable textile certified by ‘Control Union’; safety for you.

Our imported materials and products are not fumigated.                                                    

All of our product including Innerspring and Futon mattresses, bedlinen, quilts and pillows are made in Australia!!!!


Unfortunately Australian farmers are not growing cotton by organic methods.Organature purchased 7 years ago some organic cotton from an Australian farmer who grew it  with only the water directly from the sky. No dam, no river water. It was great quality and became the start of Organature, thanks Alex Fawcett. Unfortunately --- the combination of huge cost to have the ‘gin’cleaned for seeds to be removed, and the lack of rain  --- it was not economically feasible for Alex to grow any more.

There are no mills in Australia to produce the fine yarn we require for our fabrics and no company to weave our wide fabrics.

Our best option:

After extensive research, including personal inspection we sent some of that cotton to a mill in Indonesia, the closest to us geographically, ensuring carbon footprints were kept to a minimum.        This mill produces under organic certification.


All our fabrics and filling are GOTS and certified by Control Union.  NO FUMIGATION take place on our imports.


Featured Products

Online Organic, Bed Linen Sets & 100% Cotton Products - Organature


Dear Organature Team

I have been purchasing manchester from Organature since 2009 and I am always happy with the products I receive.

I especially love the natural, pleasant aroma of your Org-Suede Flannel fabric and Organic Cotton pillows

and I am happy to recommend your products to my family and friends.

Thank you for your certified organic products that I know will not harm my family or the environment.

warm regards

Margaret                                  13/02/2014



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Hi Kayla,

We are so happy with our bunk bed that we are considering ordering another one in white with a futon and an innerspring mattress........

We were very happy with the speedy service and delivery too.

Kind Regards,




 Once again thanks for your great mattress, topper and doona etc. I’m so happy with them, for some reason I feel free, not sure if that is the right word, maybe peaceful. Thank you once again.


Regards Irene                                                                    4/10/13               



Subject :Single long futons

Thank you,

I received them yesterday. They are amazing, so soft and smell lovely, so pure. I am so happy with them!

Cheers, Tim.

Organature emailed Tim back to ask if we could use his lovely comment as a testimonial..

Tim replied …

Good Morning,

Yeah sure! I am in a really wonderful mood as I slept really well on the futon. So of course I would love you to have more positive reviews, to help people come to a conclusion, and buy organic :)


Tim.                                                       18/09/13



Thank you Organature for creating beautiful, cruelty-free bed linen!

My last doona was made from sheep's wool. After discovering the painful practices legally performed on lambs, such as mulesing, castration and tail docking all done without anaesthetic and the fact that every year in  Australia, thousands of newly shorn sheep exposed to the extreme cold nights, die from hypothermia. It was then that i  decided to find alternative bed linen for my family that was eco friendly and cruelty free.

Love my warm, cosy, flanelette, doona from you guys!

Thank you!


Fiona                                                                                                                   20/09/2013




" Hi Kayla,

Great news, the bunks have arrived!  .........I have now fully assembled them, which was no trouble at all. 

The quality of the wood and workmanship is first class - we are very glad we settled on this bunk after nearly getting some second hand junk........

Cheers Andrew"                                                                                     30/12/2013



Good Afternoon Team,

Just wanted to say thank you - our fresh new quilt for our fresh start in a new home just arrived! I was so surprised, and so happy to receive it so quickly since placing my order.

I also, with apologies, forgot to thank you for my previous order. I have been so pleased with the sheets and blankets, and was very thankful for the generous inclusion of the free face washer too.

Looking forward to shopping with you yet again. Thank you for providing quality and healthy products that benefit us and our precious planet!

Best regards,

Alison.                                                               17/09/2013



Good morning Peter, Kayla and team at Organature,
I  thought I would send a few pictures of your satisfied customer....Oliver loves his new bed and so do I. The little rascal has been a tummy sleeper for a while and I feel more comfortable knowing he is snuggling face first into organic materials. 
Thank you!!
Dianne                                                                 12/08/13



 ... Also we love the mattress, such a gorgeous quality item, has that country freshness about it... Hubby likes it too. It takes a bit of adjusting to a new bed, but so far it's been good! I like the old fashioned springs again, instead of that yukky foam!......

 ………My husband and I would like to thank you and Peter for your time and patience with us over the last few months as well as organising the efficient delivery of all our stuff! ……….I love the fresh smell of it... ….I have not noticed any smell with it, just the way I like it!! M is happy with the futon too, so we are glad we went the futon in the end.

 Cheers, Jeanette